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This page, adopted from the Sunrise Movement's Principles, outlines the core organizational values of Kentucky Youth Climate Strike.
The goal of these values is to have a united vision for all organizers on every level of organizing, to make onboarding of new members easier, and to ensure that the workings of the organization are equal, inclusive, and efficient.

1. We are a youth movement to stop climate change and demand a sustainable, regenerative economy.

We come together as a young team to amplify the voices of our generation and fight for climate justice in our state of Kentucky while holding those in power accountable through direct action.

2. We stand in solidarity with and gain strength from our community relationships with other movements in the fight for change .

We prioritize our local and community interactions focusing on getting to the hearts and minds of our neighbors, families, friends, religious leaders, classmates, and others to bring them into this movement. We win our fight with support from these people. We see that community relationships are an integral part of our success and the backbone to our future.

3. We value all of our stories and recognize our varying experiences.

We come from all walks of life in the world, but we value our differences and similarities. Those in power have intentionally divided and suppressed our voices for too long. We all have something to lose in this crisis. We value and honor each other's stories. The climate crisis will impact us all in different ways: our stories help us connect with one another, no matter what our own experiences are. By doing, so we also refrain from tokenizing stories in this space and respecting each other in their ability to be vulnerable with us.

4. We ask for help and give what we can.

We all have something we can offer to this movement. Some of us can give only a couple of hours a week to organize where others can give money. We are an inclusive organization, and we welcome those who align with our mission into our movement no matter what each person can give.

5. We embrace experimentation and learn together in our projects.

We welcome imperfection, share innovations, and learn through honest mistakes followed by honest conversations that help us move forward together. If we see something we don’t like, we contribute with something we do like, offering an alternative. We strive to create space for collective growth.

6. We prioritize taking care of ourselves, each other, and the home we share.

We prioritize our own health, the well-being of everyone in our communities, and the environment. We take care of them to the best of our abilities and we understand that this does not look the same for each other.

7. We stand together.

This fight won’t be easy and there will be times we feel hopeless, but we are united together not just as an organization, but as a community. We strive to bring positivity, love, and kindness into our organizing spaces and show it in our work. We know in solidarity, there is strength.
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